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The top real estate agents in Switzerland: reviews and experiences 2024

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Choosing the best real estate agent can be crucial when buying or selling a property. There are a large number of real estate agents in Switzerland who can provide you with expert advice. Here you will find an overview of the top real estate agents in Switzerland, including their services and customer reviews.

Top 6 real estate agents in Switzerland: Detailed descriptions

1. properti

properti is the leading PropTech in the industry and skillfully combines real estate expertise with technology. With innovative approaches and a transparent pricing model, properti has quickly gained popularity. The company offers its customers comprehensive advice and excellent value for money. Customers appreciate the customer focus, extended services and high level of professionalism.

2. betterhomes

Betterhomes is a real estate agent operating throughout Switzerland with a wide range of services for buyers and sellers. They have a large number of real estate offers. Customers rate her professionalism and experience positively. Betterhomes is characterized by its offers and the fixed price.

3. remax

Remax is an internationally renowned real estate agent with a strong presence in Switzerland. They offer a wide range of properties and comprehensive services for buyers and sellers. Your brokers are known for their local presence. Remax is also characterized by its international network and professionalism.

4. forest

Walde is a renowned real estate agent with many years of experience in the Swiss market, with a focus on the German region. They are characterized by personal support and individual service. Customers appreciate their reliability and professional approach. As one of the top real estate agents in Switzerland, Walde focuses in particular on luxury properties and offers exclusive consulting, market analysis and concierge services.

5th Engel&Völkers

Engel & Völkers is an international real estate brand with a strong presence in Switzerland. They offer high-quality real estate and good customer service. Customers rate their expertise and professional services as positive. Engel & Völkers is one of the top real estate agents in Switzerland and offers a high quality of service and individual advice through its international network.

6. neho

Neho is a young real estate company that has conquered the real estate market in Switzerland. With a fixed-price model and digital access, Neho offers customers an efficient and cost-effective way to buy or sell real estate. Customers rate the services and options as positive.

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The top real estate agents at a glance

CriterionpropertiBetterhomesRemaxForestEngel & VölkersNeho
(Trustpilot) 4.7 stars4.7 stars2.2 starsn.a.2.3 stars4.6 stars
Google Reviews 4.5 stars4.6 starsZurich Office
4.2 stars
n.a.4.3 stars4.0 stars
Services & added valueComprehensive advice, innovative marketing strategies (incl. virtual staging & 360° tours), transparent cost structureComprehensive advice, wide range of properties, 360° tours, market reportsInternational network, experience in all price categories, energy certificatesExclusive advice, focus on luxury real estate, market analysis, concierge serviceInternational network, high service quality, individual advice, energy certificatesComprehensive advice, digital tools, virtual tours, energy certificates
Transparency & cost structuresPerformance-based commission (2.5%)3% of the sales priceVariable commissionVariable commissionVariable commissionFixed price
Track record and experienceGood customer feedback, steady growth, high success rateNational establishment, large teamInternational presence, strong market position, extensive experienceMany years of experience, focused positioning, high success rateInternational presence, renowned brandNew approach with experience, steady growth

Why a real estate agent makes the sales process easier

Selling a property is a complex and time-consuming process that brings with it numerous challenges. In this context, working with a top real estate agent offers a number of advantages over trying to manage the sale on your own. One of the key factors that distinguishes a real estate agent from a standard broker is the integration of the latest technologies into the sales process. The top brokerages use advanced technology to optimize the sales process and improve the customer experience.

Market knowledge and expertise from top real estate agents

Real estate agents have the market knowledge and expertise to determine the best selling price . Thanks to their experience and ongoing market observation, they can provide precise and realistic price recommendations that speed up the sales process.

Marketing and advertising

You have access to a broad network and can advertise your property effectively. Professional photos, virtual tours and targeted advertising strategies help you reach potential buyers faster and more efficiently.

Negotiating skills

Real estate agents can use their experience to negotiate the best price for your property. They know the best techniques to achieve optimal results for their customers and are in constant contact with potential buyers.

Time saving

By working with a top real estate agent, you can concentrate on other tasks while they handle the sales process. This means less stress and faster completion of the sale, as the estate agent takes care of all the details.

Legal support

Real estate agents guide you through the legal process and ensure that all requirements are met. This ensures that all documents are completed correctly and that no legal problems arise, giving you peace of mind.

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Efficiency and transparency: the next generation of real estate sales

properti is a leading PropTech company that is characterized by its unique customer benefits. By using state-of-the-art technology, properti optimizes real estate sales and creates transparency and efficiency. With accurate valuations and a transparent sales process, properti offers its customers confidence and the ability to track progress in real time. In addition, properti offers personalized service and innovative services such as virtual viewings and digital marketing to create an unparalleled real estate experience. Overall, properti sets new standards in the real estate market, redefines the future of real estate sales and is therefore one of the top real estate agents in Switzerland.

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