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New technologies drive real estate innovation

Technology-equipped real estate agents are replacing those who don’t have one. However, the pace is slower than expected. There are still no disruptive providers such as Uber or Airbnb that could change our basic …

Ten fintech startups set for London roadshow

In December, ten selected startups in the Venture Leaders Fintech program will head to London for an investor and business development roadshow. They will also represent Swiss innovation at the Fintech Connect …

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10 Swiss Fintech Startups to Watch in 2024

Venturelab introduced ten ambitious Swiss fintech startups ready to accelerate their growth on the international stage. The ten members of the Swiss National Fintech Team will kick off their Venture Leaders …

Brokers with tech replace those without

The level of digitization among a large number of brokers is inadequate, despite or precisely because of rapid technological progress, and the use of paper is still widespread.

ChatGPT has come to stay

Artificial intelligence – the chatbot is currently conquering large parts of our working world. The real estate industry is also getting to grips with the new technology. Curiosity and euphoria on the one hand, and skepticism and hesitation on the other. Interview with Nicole Wieting-Kaelin, CMO Properti.

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“I ask myself every day, what can I do better?”

Levent Künzi, co-founder and CEO of the proptech Properti, tells us in an interview what drives him, what he thinks of the Swiss culture of mistakes, what the downsides of success are, and what it’s like to start a company with your brother.

New ways of marketing real estate

One thing is clear: sustainability in the real estate industry is only possible digitally. In marketing, this means breaking new ground and using machine-human interaction to achieve successes that go beyond current possibilities. An article with Adrian Künzi, Co-Founder and CRO at Properti.

This is what the most expensive apartment in Switzerland looks like

The most expensive apartment in Switzerland is now available for rent. The advertisement is currently available on the website The Handelszeitung describes the exceptional property on the edge of Lake Lucerne in Lucerne as the “Rolls-Royce of the rental housing market”. But what does this apartment have to offer?

Boomers to Gen Z: Real Estate Transactions of the Generations

Almost half of all owner-occupied homes are in the hands of the over-60s. While they will soon be retiring and looking for properties that meet their needs, generations X to Z are moving up the ranks. The real estate sector must adapt and has the opportunity …

5 Questions for Levent Künzi: Signs of change recognized

Properti recognized the signs of change early on and is leading a paradigm shift in real estate transactions today. With innovative solutions, the company creates added value for all stakeholders in the ecosystem. Five questions for founder and CEO Levent Künzi about how it …

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