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Aargau - A region in the heart of Switzerland, with a diverse landscape and historical heritage. Our local real estate agents in Aargau are very familiar with the canton, from the charming and historic old towns to the villages on the banks of the Aare.


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*Average sales price perm2 in the canton of Aargau in Q2, 2023.

Kanton Aargau eingezeichnet auf der nationalen Landkarte der Schweiz

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Canton Aargau & surroundings

Historical heritage

The canton of Aargau is characterized by its history and is the origin of the famous House of Habsburg. There are numerous castles and ruins that characterize the landscape, from the Romans to the Middle Ages. The Vindonissa Legionary Trail offers visitors the opportunity to explore various sites and travel back in time.


The culture in the canton is characterized by a mixture of tradition and modernity. The region is known for its cultural offerings and includes many museums and theaters. Festivals and events such as the Argovia Fest and the Badenerfahrt reflect the diversity of the canton and attract visitors from all over Switzerland.

Thermal baths

The town of Baden is a popular destination for those seeking relaxation thanks to its various thermal baths and spas. The town was already known to the Romans for its natural springs, which ultimately led to its current name. The baths still attract visitors from all over the region today.


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Would you like to find out more? Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What does a broker do?

A real estate agent acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of real estate. He assesses the value of properties, takes care of their marketing, organizes viewings and assists in negotiations to achieve the best possible price and conditions for his clients. In addition, he guides his clients through the conclusion of contracts and offers basic legal and financial advice.

What is the brokerage mandate?

A brokerage agreement is a contract concluded between a property owner and a real estate agent. The owner commissions the estate agent to sell or rent his property as part of the brokerage contract. The contract regulates the rights and obligations during the sales or rental process. The estate agent commits to leveraging their expertise to identify potential buyers or tenants, execute marketing initiatives, arrange property viewings, and engage in negotiations.

What qualifications should a real estate agent have?

The qualifications of a real estate agent are of great importance. Professional training and regular further training and workshops are clear signs of specialist knowledge and qualifications. It is ideal if they are also members of a professional association. A good agent should also have excellent communication and negotiation skills to work effectively with buyers, sellers and other professionals.

Is it important for real estate agents to know the region?

For commissioned estate agents to be successful, it is essential that they are very familiar with the region in which they work, as the real estate market can vary greatly from region to region. Their regional knowledge enables them to understand the real estate market better, set appropriate prices and target potential buyers or tenants. Agents who are familiar with the area can also provide valuable information about the infrastructure, schools, recreational opportunities and other factors that may interest potential buyers.

Do real estate agents work on a contingency basis?

Experienced brokers have extensive experience, appropriate training and usually work on a commission basis. This means that they only receive a commission if a property is sold or rented out successfully. The exact amount of the commission should be specified in the brokerage agreement. This commission-based remuneration motivates brokers to do their best to offer clients the best possible price and conditions. Brokers who are paid in advance are generally considered less reputable and represent a certain risk.

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