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Ticino - Known for its sunny Mediterranean climate and natural diversity. Our local real estate agents in Ticino grew up in the region and know the advantages of the canton. From the varied landscapes to the medieval castles and breathtaking lakes.


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Ticino is strongly influenced by Italian culture and lifestyle. This is particularly noticeable in the culinary arts and the arts. In addition to the lively music and theater scene, the region hosts well-known festivals such as JazzAscona and Moon&Stars in the piazzas throughout the year.

Historical heritage

Ticino's transport links through the Alps have always been of strategic importance, which led to the construction of several castles and fortress walls that are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The region's architecture, with Renaissance and Baroque influences, also bears witness to its historical significance.


The canton of Ticino is famous for its picturesque landscape, characterized by mountains, valleys and the beautiful Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano. The region offers many opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and water sports. The Verzasca Valley in particular enchants nature lovers with its clear water and beautiful views.


As the sunniest canton in Switzerland, it attracts millions of visitors from all over the country and the world every year. The variety of activities on offer at any time of year ranges from water sports in summer to wellness and snow sports in winter. With over 4000 hiking trails and 20 mountain bike routes, the region is particularly attractive for sports enthusiasts.


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Would you like to find out more? Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What does a broker do?

A real estate agent is responsible for brokering real estate between buyers and sellers. His work includes property valuation, marketing properties, scheduling viewings and assisting with negotiations to ensure the best possible price and terms for his clients. He also supports clients in drafting contracts and offers basic legal and financial advice.

What is the brokerage mandate?

A brokerage contract is concluded between an owner and a real estate agent who commissions him to market his property. The contract regulates the rights and obligations that apply during the sales or rental process. It is the agent’s job to use their expertise to identify potential buyers or tenants, coordinate marketing and sales activities, carry out viewings and conduct negotiations.

What qualifications should a real estate agent have?

It is important that a real estate agent has appropriate qualifications in the field of real estate. Solid training and regular participation in further training courses and seminars allow specialist knowledge and expertise to be recognized. Ideally, they should also belong to a professional association. In addition, excellent communication and negotiation skills are essential for a good agent to interact effectively with buyers, sellers and other industry professionals.

Is it important for real estate agents to know the region?

For success, it is essential that real estate agents have a deep understanding of the area in which they work. This is because the real estate market can be very different locally. This local knowledge allows them to make an accurate assessment of the market, set appropriate prices and effectively reach potential buyers or tenants. In addition, real estate agents who know their region well are able to provide important information about infrastructure, educational facilities, leisure activities and other aspects that could be of interest to prospective buyers.

Do real estate agents work on a contingency basis?

Qualified brokers are characterized by extensive experience and appropriate training and earn their income through commissions. You therefore only receive a fee if the property is successfully brokered. The exact amount of the commission is set out in the brokerage agreement. This type of remuneration promotes the commitment of brokers by motivating them to achieve the best possible prices and conditions for their clients. In contrast, brokers who are paid in advance are often seen as less trustworthy and can involve certain risks.

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