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Calculate the current value of your house or condominium with the help of our real estate value calculator. Our online calculator provides you with a reliable estimation based on current market data and a thorough analysis of your real estate.

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Your advantages of a property valuation with Properti

Determining the current value of your property is of great importance, regardless of whether you want to sell it, renovate it or use it for financial planning purposes. Actively use this information for your financial planning or future real estate decisions.

Informed decision-making

Get a quick result for informed decisions when selling, converting or refinancing.

Financial planning and investments

A correct estimated value influences your financial planning and balance sheet.

Negotiating power and market knowledge

The result strengthens your position in negotiations and promotes a better understanding of the market.

The market value of your property in just three steps

Details of your property

You enter information on the key features of your property, such as the zip code, property type, year of construction, number of rooms and living space.

The market value is determined

Our system estimates the optimum value of your property using your details and current market and comparative data.

Receive result by e-mail

You will receive the result as a PDF file by e-mail. You can decide in one call whether you would like to discuss the results with one of our experts.

Obtain valuable data on the macro situation

Get comprehensive market and development data for your municipality and see at a glance how the price of your property has changed in recent months.

Good advice from experienced real estate agents in your region

With one of our certified brokers on site

Checklists for a successful house sale

Optimize your property sale with our comprehensive checklists. Keep track of all the important steps and rely on our tried-and-tested expert tips.

FAQs - the most important questions about real estate valuation

How is the value of my property determined?

We use the hedonic valuation method, analyze transaction data from the last 9 years and consider market conditions for accurate estimates. We value investment properties using the DCF method, which takes future rental income into account.

What are the methods of real estate valuation?

The asset value method takes into account the cost of construction, depreciation and is often used for insurance values.
The discounted cash flow method (DCF) quantifies the expected income from investment properties and calculates their present value using the discount rate. The hedonic method is used for owner-occupied properties and compares property and location-specific characteristics with transactions from the past.”

What documents do I need for the real estate valuation?

The more documents are taken into account, the more accurate the assessment will be. Floor plans, building descriptions, purchase and rental contracts, land register entries and investments in the property are particularly important for a valuation.

What criteria determine the value of a property?

There are numerous parameters that are used in a real estate valuation. We list the most common ones: Location, public transport connections, educational facilities, shopping facilities, recreational zones, surrounding development, car parking spaces, standard of finishing, energy condition of the property and the regional labor and real estate market.

What does the market value of my property indicate?

The market value is the price at which properties with similar characteristics and locations are traded. In addition, the Federal Supreme Court defines the market value as the estimated amount at which a willing seller and a willing buyer agree after appropriate marketing.

What does a real estate appraisal cost?

The cost of a real estate valuation varies depending on the type of property. Our free market value calculator at Properti gives you an initial indication of the market value. Our experts are available to provide a detailed estimate and help you find the best solution for your real estate project.

How secure is my data?

We adhere strictly to the new Data Protection Act (nDSG) and would like to emphasize that our customers’ data will never be passed on to third parties. Your information will be used exclusively for the business purpose and stored securely in accordance with data protection regulations.

How accurate is the result of an online real estate valuation?

The property valuation is based on an estimate that is sufficiently accurate for most properties in Switzerland. Banks often use hedonic valuation, which takes into account all regional transaction prices of comparable properties. A computer model analyzes the quality characteristics and their influence on the price. A regression analysis determines the influence of the quality characteristics on the price.

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