Free rent valuation for owners

Use our rent calculator to find out the current appropriate rent for your property. Our free online calculator offers you a reliable estimate based on current market data and a comprehensive analysis of your property.

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Your advantages of a rent calculation with Properti

Calculating a realistic rent level for your property is very important - whether you are renting, renovating or using it for financial planning purposes. Actively use this information for your future decisions.

Informed decision-making

Get a quick result for well-founded decisions when renting your property.

Financial planning and profitability

An appropriate rent influences your financial planning and maximization of your rental income.

Findings on a reasonable rent

A precise calculation will help you to determine a realistic rent

Just three steps to the rent for your property

Details of your property

You enter information on the important features of your property, such as the region, property type, year of construction, number of rooms and living space.

The rent is determined

Your details are used to determine the optimum rent for your property based on current market and comparative data.

Receive result by e-mail

You will receive the result as a PDF file by e-mail. You can decide in one call whether you would like to discuss the results with one of our experts.

Obtain valuable data on the macro situation

Get comprehensive market and development data for your municipality and see at a glance how rents or the population have changed in your region in the last 6 months.

Good advice from experienced real estate agents in your region

With one of our certified brokers on site

Checklists for successfully letting your property

Maximize the success of your property rental with our comprehensive checklists that help you keep track of all the important steps, supported by our proven expert tips.

FAQs - the most important questions about real estate valuation

How is the rent of a property determined?

The rent of a property is determined using the hedonic valuation method. This method uses historical data from the last 9 years as well as current market analyses to take into account factors such as building quality, location, supply and demand.

How do I calculate a cost-covering rent?

A cost-covering rent should cover the mortgage interest and the equity tied up. This is achieved by offering prices in line with the local market, taking into account size and standard, and by achieving a low vacancy rate. Please note the Swiss tenancy law according to Art. 253b OR.

What is a reasonable rent?

A reasonable rent enables the landlord to earn a return on his equity. This yield should not exceed the reference interest rate by more than 0.5%, unless the reference interest rate is below 2%, in which case the yield may be a maximum of 2% higher. The current reference interest rate is 1.5%, so a maximum return of 3.5% is permitted.

What is the difference between net and gross rent?

The gross rent is made up of the net rent (rent that counts as income for the equity) and the ancillary costs. Service charges include heating costs, hot water, house maintenance and much more. Electricity consumption is normally charged separately.

How are service charges billed?

Service charges can be charged as a lump sum or paid on account. In the case of payments on account, actual ancillary costs are offset against the payments at regular intervals and the difference is invoiced or reimbursed. The service charges should be reasonable in relation to the net rent.

When is a rent increase allowed?

The rent can be increased in four cases: Adjustment of the net rent due to the reference interest rate, customary local conditions, value-enhancing investments or an increase in ancillary costs. The landlord must announce the increase in good time using an official form.

When is a rent increase allowed after a renovation?

Rent increases after renovations are only permitted in the case of value-enhancing investments. Value-preserving investments are already included in the net rent. In some cases, it is difficult to distinguish between the two. Further information can be found here.

When may the tenant request a rent reduction?

The tenant can demand a rent reduction in the event of defects, e.g. water damage, renovations that affect their quality of life or heating failures during the heating period. The landlord should rectify defects as quickly as possible.

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