Properti now certified with the “swiss made software” label

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Properti has carried the international quality label “swiss made software” since September. We are particularly pleased to have received this award, as we have always placed great value on high-quality software development for our platform.

Swiss quality in software development

Only companies whose Swiss value share of production costs is 60 percent or more qualify for the “swiss made software” label. A registered office in Switzerland and entry in a Swiss commercial register are also mandatory. The certification stands for Swiss values such as reliability, precision and quality and serves to promote the Swiss software industry at home and abroad.

High-quality services

The quality label creates a strong awareness of high-quality software developments among manufacturers and users, thus underlining Properti’s vision. As a proptech company, we aim to create a universal ecosystem for all real estate needs and transactions. A platform that makes it possible to connect customers, real estate experts and service providers directly, easily and transparently.

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swiss made software is a label that stands for Swiss values in software development. Swiss hosting was developed by the swiss made software label and is offered exclusively to its owners. With the “swiss hosting” label, swiss made software closes the gap between Swiss software and Switzerland as a data location. Swiss digital services is available to all Swiss ICT companies with a Swiss value share of at least 60 percent of the production/provision costs.

Properti aims to simplify the processing of real estate transactions and all related transactions. The proptech company places the transparent relationship between customers, brokers and service partners at the center of its activities. Sustainable, flexible and personalized services relating to the residential ecosystem are coordinated with specialist knowledge, marketing and the latest technology on a specially developed platform. The start-up was founded in November 2019 by brothers Levent and Adrian Künzi and employs over 120 people at 12 locations in Switzerland.

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