Successful real estate sales in challenging times

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In a challenging environment and real estate market, selling a property is demanding. Current economic uncertainties and a changing market require an adapted and well thought-out sales strategy. This shows the need for real estate expertise in order to successfully market your property even in difficult times.

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Discrepancy between asking prices and market prices

A successful real estate sale first requires an expert valuation of the property. However, even if a certain estimated value is determined, this does not guarantee that the property can be sold at this price. In the recent past, sales prices have often significantly exceeded the estimated market value. During the peak of the real estate boom, homeowners were able to market their properties themselves. As a result, the highest possible sales price was sometimes waived. Losses that could be well compensated at the time due to the high real estate valuations. In a volatile environment with falling real estate prices and lower demand, such an approach is no longer effective. Changing market conditions are increasingly leading to a downward correction, especially for properties that were overpriced during the boom phase.

Graphic: Price development: residential properties vs. wages

Source: FSO

The challenge also lies in optimally positioning real estate in this highly competitive environment. A realistic price in line with the market is crucial. This implies that there are interested buyers who are willing to pay the asking price and/or can raise the necessary financing. The latter in particular was made more difficult by the increase in interest rates in connection with the affordability calculation. In view of this development, it is advisable to use the services of real estate experts. Around 60,000 real estate transactions take place in Switzerland every year, of which only 12 percent are currently carried out directly between private individuals. The vast majority, namely 88 percent, are accompanied by real estate experts. We are currently seeing an increasing number of inquiries about failed sales attempts that were made without professional support. This can be avoided.

Highly competitive market environment

In a highly competitive market environment and constantly changing situation, selling real estate is a particularly challenging task. This dynamic is being driven by a combination of a weakening economy, higher interest rates, inflation and varying demand conditions. For sellers, this means that they not only have to deal with the usual challenges of selling real estate, but also have to assert themselves in an environment that is currently characterized by increased supply and lower demand.

Graphic: Supply and demand

Source: Raiffeisen

As a private individual, you may only buy or sell a property once in your life. “This makes it all the more important to provide individual all-round advice based on expertise, transparency and the technical possibilities of today, which in turn produces measurable and reliable results,” emphasizes Adrian Künzi, co-founder and CSO of Properti.

In order to sell a property successfully in the current market environment, professional marketing using the latest methods is the most effective. It is important to present the property for sale as attractively as possible in order to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of potential buyers.

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Selling with Properti

Professional marketing with Properti includes the latest digital strategies such as virtual staging, virtual tours, a comprehensive online presence, a customer portal and personal advice from real estate experts. Interested parties have the opportunity to carry out initial viewings conveniently digitally, which in turn saves sellers a lot of time and effort. Listings are automatically listed on all leading real estate portals and on social media to guarantee maximum reach and visibility. The use of state-of-the-art technologies combined with in-depth market knowledge increases the efficiency of the sales process.

Commission comparison: Properti vs. other brokers


In the current real estate landscape, selling real estate is proving to be particularly challenging. A successful sale can be achieved if sellers adapt to the market conditions, especially in terms of pricing, and rely on professional marketing. The use of innovative technologies such as virtual staging and virtual tours, offered by experts such as Properti, can be a decisive factor.

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