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Especially in times when the sales phase of real estate is taking longer and longer, or when people are queuing up to rent properties, it is important to break new ground in real estate marketing. Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in this and is a decisive advantage for all parties involved in a transaction process.

Virtual staging – the digital interior

Properties that are unoccupied or unfavorably furnished are not appealing to prospective buyers. The rooms appear smaller, the ambience influences the emotions and the willingness of potential buyers to pay decreases. The demand for privacy is also increasing. The solution to this is virtual staging: virtual furnishing of the premises.

Studies show that professional staging can significantly increase the sales price of a property. Virtual staging, as a modern variant, offers the same advantages and is many times faster and more cost-effective. The digital facilities make it possible to present a property in the best possible light without the high costs and effort of traditional staging. The application relies on basic psychological principles to present real estate in an ideal way for better and faster decision-making. Among other things, it improves the first impression, the perception of size and ambience by making it possible to furnish a room.

Empty room, before virtual staging
Furnished room, after virtual staging

Advantages of virtual staging

  1. Achieve higher sales prices: Virtual staging can increase the value of your property by making it more attractive to potential buyers.
  2. Showcasing the full potential: Each room is presented in the best possible way to impressively showcase its full potential and purpose.
  3. Cost efficiency: Compared to traditional staging, you save costs without compromising on quality.
  4. Speed of implementation: Virtual staging can be implemented much faster than conventional staging methods.
  5. Wide range of design options: You have unlimited design options to furnish any room individually and attractively.
  6. Transparent and realistic presentation: The virtual furnishings are presented realistically and in great detail, which arouses the interest of potential buyers.
  7. Preservation of privacy: As no physical changes are necessary, the privacy of the current owners or residents remains protected.

Properti offers the Virtual Staging Service for its clients at a preferential price.

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Customer testimonial:

“With Properti’s virtual staging, I was able to sell my property much faster and even at a better price!” – Sarah D., Zurich

Virtual Tour – The digital real estate tour

If demand exceeds supply, a property viewing can become a gauntlet, or if the property is located many kilometers away, the journey is often an obstacle. Today, you can take a virtual tour from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual tours simulate the experience of a real tour. Special software solutions use images of all areas of the object to create a comprehensive, spatial image. This allows interested parties to navigate through the premises at any time with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Creating a virtual tour of a property is a multi-stage process that is carried out using advanced technology and artificial intelligence (AI). Good quality is of the utmost importance.

Virtual tours are included for Properti customers. Book a free consultation now and benefit from the advantages.

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Real estate marketing with AI

Technology is changing the way real estate is offered and providing solutions to effectively respond to market challenges. The advantages of virtual staging and virtual tours are manifold:

  • Present properties more attractively and convince potential buyers more quickly
  • Privacy for owners or previous tenants
  • Minimize travel distances for visits
  • Avoid long queues for apartment viewings
  • Reduction of administrative effort

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