5 Questions for Levent Künzi: Signs of change recognized

Properti recognized the signs of change early on and is leading a paradigm shift in real estate transactions today. With innovative solutions, the company creates added value for all stakeholders in the residential ecosystem. Real Estate Business asks founder and CEO Levent Künzi five questions about how it all came about and what’s next.

Real Estate Business: Why is Properti not just another real estate company among many?

Levent Künzi: I would say that we recognized the signs of change very early on. For example, we started developing our technology even before the pandemic broke out and strengthened our team with experienced experts in this field. Our approach of seeing ourselves as both a software company and a real estate company allows us to develop a transaction-based platform that optimizes the entire process of handling real estate transactions for all parties involved. This allows us to offer a comprehensive 360-degree experience, beyond real estate marketing. Our goal is to simplify real estate transactions and establish a platform ecosystem that connects customers, real estate experts and service providers directly and transparently.

IB: What has Properti implemented so far in concrete terms?

Levent Künzi: If we talk about numbers, within three years we have carried out more than 3,500 (as of February 2023) successful real estate brokerages and expanded our team to 140 professionals at 12 locations in Switzerland. Our proprietary platform is currently based on four portals. This involves activating sophisticated digitization and automation processes, interfaces and data flows that enable us to automate up to 80 percent of all processes. The idea behind this is that our experts can invest their time in customer consulting and we organize the rest, so to speak.

Status: December 2022

IB: So you can do more business without compromising quality?

Levent Künzi: Exactly, that is the core of our approach. Our brokers:inside can manage between 35 and 40 properties per person, without compromising quality, while a traditional broker usually manages between 10 and 15 properties. This is a significant difference that illustrates the efficiency of our business model.

For more information on our intelligent real estate software Propchain® and the associated portals, click here.

IB: Where do you see the biggest challenges for traditional real estate companies?

Levent Künzi: We are in the midst of a perfect storm – in other words, a phase of profound change. Those who fail to adapt to change risk being overtaken or sidelined. But digitization and automation processes are complex. The industry is extremely heterogeneous, especially when you consider diverse workflows from start to finish. When talking to technology solution providers, implementing software sounds simple, fast and straightforward. But the reality is often different. Implementation and further development cost time, money and perseverance and must be well thought out.

Adrian Künzi and Levent Künzi

Brothers Adrian Künzi (CSO) and Levent Künzi (CEO) founded properti in November 2019.

IB: The next step for Properti?

Levent Künzi: Properti is successfully on its way to grow from a start-up to a scale-up. This requires a continuous transformation of processes and communication. Scaling the company and the platform is not just a next step, but the path to a successful future.

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