New ways of marketing real estate

One thing is clear: sustainability in the real estate industry is only possible digitally. In marketing, this means breaking new ground and using machine-human interaction to achieve successes that go beyond current possibilities.

A new form of machine-human interaction

Digitization offers numerous opportunities. However, it is important to emphasize that technologically advanced applications and processes do not automatically lead to an increase in quality and efficiency. In our industry, where there is still a lot of “paper” involved, it is all the more important to get people excited about digital processes. This requires commitment from both sides. At Properti, we rely on technologically advanced systems to process transactions efficiently, but we also know that our customers still want personal and offline services. We see it as our duty to constantly improve the user experience so that it is easy for everyone to use applications and realize the benefits of digital processing. Only in this way can we achieve the best possible result together. In doing so, we rely on a mix of man and machine that is both more profitable and more sustainable.

Real estate marketing, a mix of traditional and digital

It is theoretically possible to handle real estate transactions in the sale or rental of properties in any asset class completely digitally. As is well known, there are still processes where a non-digital application is required. Currently, Big Data analytics, data-driven processes in settlement, AI services in marketing, and virtual tours are already being used. For example, we use data-based processes to target potential buyers or tenants to generate higher demand. This is not just about using digital tools, but establishing them for the future – with the aim of optimizing the entire process.

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Increasing complexity requires a new view

It is obvious that sustainable business in the real estate industry can only be achieved through digitization. Only through the use of data, digital tools and systems can sustainability be effectively measured and optimized. Humans alone cannot accomplish this task in a reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable cost. It’s time to look at real estate as part of the machine-human interaction. Real estate is becoming increasingly connected, generating data that can be analyzed through data science and AI methods. The interpretation and classification is then again done by people and systems.

All in all, it is therefore important to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization and the new form of machine-human interaction in order to successfully implement sustainable progress in the real estate industry. This is the only way to achieve long-term success beyond what is currently possible.

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