Viewing a house or apartment: What do I need to consider?

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If you want to rent a house or apartment, you should inspect the property in detail beforehand. Only by viewing a property can you be sure that it meets your expectations, is in good condition and that your gut feeling is right. This article provides you with important tips for viewing properties and a checklist.


By the way: You can find tips for buying real estate, where the viewing appointment should be even more detailed, here.


Well-informed when viewing a house or apartment

Before you arrange a house or apartment viewing, you should obtain as much detailed information as possible about your desired property. In addition to the information in the exposé, you can now often also carry out a virtual house or apartment viewing to get a good first impression.


If you are well prepared for the house or apartment viewing, the appointment will be all the easier. You can relax and take in the apartment or house and ask specific questions. Also be prepared to answer questions about your advantages as a tenant in order to make the best possible impression.


Know your personal priorities

Use the preparation time to determine your own priorities regarding your house or apartment. You can record these in writing and, if necessary, create a list of questions for the house or apartment viewing. This way, you always keep an eye on your wishes and don’t run the risk of being impressed by a property that doesn’t match your priorities. It also gives you a clearer idea of what condition the apartment needs to be in for you and you can pay closer attention to specific points during a tour.

Typical concerns of tenants are, for example:

  • Sufficient storage space
  • Parking lot or parking space
  • Garden
  • Second bathroom


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Making a good impression

Thorough preparation for the first viewing and a list of questions can help you make a good impression on the landlord or seller. Although a house or apartment viewing is not as formal as a job interview, you should be prepared for it in a similar way. For example, it is important that you can explain why the landlord should choose you and not any competitors.


Bear in mind that the landlord may also ask personal questions about topics such as your age, your current address, planned residential partners and your employment relationship. He may also ask about your income. By bringing relevant documents such as your most recent salary certificates and a recommendation from the previous tenant with you when you view the house or apartment, you will make the desired impression. This also allows the landlord to check your documents more quickly and may give you an advantage over other competitors.


By the way: The landlord is not allowed to ask about your sexuality, religion, the skin color of the tenant, nationality, any illnesses or pregnancies. These topics are private. If the landlord asks anyway, the law gives you the right to lie.


Individual inspections instead of mass inspections

There are often mass or group viewings, especially for popular residential properties. Make an effort to avoid these appointments. This is because a one-to-one appointment gives you a much better chance of inspecting the rental property in peace and quiet. You can also more easily convince the landlord or owner of your advantages as a potential new tenant. If a group viewing cannot be avoided, you can still list your preferences when talking to the landlord or estate agent.

Remember that the decision for a tenant is often made on the basis of sympathy and antipathy. So show your best side, make a good impression and explain that you are a pleasant tenant and why. If possible, find out what information the landlord will require in the subsequent tenant self-disclosure. This way you can provide the relevant information at the first meeting.

By the way: Flexibility in making appointments for viewings is also an advantage. Try to get an appointment during the week to inspect the apartment alone if possible.

Living room with fireplace and chair

Viewing the apartment together

If you would like to rent an apartment together with your partner, friends or family, you should attend the viewing appointment together if possible. This gives everyone involved an impression of the property. What’s more, four eyes see more than two. It is often helpful if the landlord can get a good impression of all the tenants and the checklist can also be worked through more quickly.

Take your time, show your interest and think together about how you would divide up the rooms and what priorities all tenants have. Viewing a house or apartment is the perfect time to build castles in the air and start dreaming a little about the furnishings, for example. Also think about your four-legged friends and ask if they can also move in with you.

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View the apartment during the day

To get as realistic an impression as possible of the rented apartment, you should choose a daytime appointment. Avoid twilight, because only in daylight can you determine how the light falls and what the noise level is like during the day. Test how high the noise exposure is with the window open and with the window closed. For example, you can find out which room could be used as a bedroom or children’s room. The different times of day can change the appearance of the apartment.

In some cases, you also have the option of visiting the property a second time. This is particularly important if you want to buy the property. A viewing is customary when renting. If there is a second viewing, you can choose an appointment at the end of the day so that you can also get to know the apartment or house in the evening and in the morning before you make a final decision.

Important questions for the tour

During the apartment viewing, you should take your time to check your personal priorities, have your pen to hand and also ask a few other important questions. Use our checklist, which can help you when viewing a house or apartment!

We recommend these questions for the tour:

  • Is the apartment well laid out?
  • Do I have enough space for my furniture?
  • How does the heating in the apartment work?
  • How high are the ancillary costs?
  • Are windows and doors well insulated?
  • Where are the water connections, sockets and light switches?
  • Is there already a connection for telephone, cable TV and Internet?
  • Is there still a need for renovation and is the landlord cooperative?
  • Which storage spaces belong to the apartment?
  • What is the location of the apartment?

After the tour, you should explore the surrounding area a little more by taking a walk. Pay attention to transport connections, available parking spaces, shopping facilities and the distance to kindergarten, school, university and workplace. Also ask the city if there are any major projects planned in the area that could affect your quality of life. A conversation with potential neighbors can also help.

Detect possible hidden defects

You should pay particular attention to any defects during the inspection and carry out a detailed inspection. Ask specifically about mold, pending repairs, the last repairs carried out and other possible defects. The landlord may not conceal known problems and defects from you. The condition of a new apartment should always be immaculate. But it can also be worth checking everything carefully with a checklist during a first home inspection.

Have you convinced the landlord or the seller? Now you can look forward to your new apartment or house and prepare for the move. Further tips, documents and a checklist on this topic can be found here.

Finally, a tip for landlords: If you want to save yourself the work of organizing viewings, you can get help from a professional estate agent. At Properti, we work with many estate agents who know the local area. We are also the only real estate company to offer you a tenant guarantee for five years! Let us advise you now about estate agents and get in touch!

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