Tenant guarantee and tenant check from Properti – renting has never been easier

Have you ever heard of a tenant guarantee and do you already know what Properti’s tenant check includes apart from the reference check? We have realized that life as a landlord is not always easy: In addition to drawing up contracts, disputes about the laundry room, unpunctual rent payments, on top of that, unstoppable repairs complicate the landlord’s everyday life. Then there is the weeks-long search for a suitable tenant. Once you’ve finally found one, no one can guarantee a long-term lease, and all the work starts over again. With Properti’s 5-year tenant guarantee and tenant check, we can help you achieve a sustainable tenancy, making such worries a thing of the past for you in the future.

Rent apartment or house with Properti

Properti’s property professionals know, what a landlord wants and what his concerns are. t. We have therefore set as our highest goal to provide private real estate to tenants who

✓ want to enter into a long-term rental relationship,

✓ make punctual rent payments

✓ and handle the rental property with care.


Now you must be thinking, how can we achieve this?

The answer is simple: thanks to the unique Properti system ! Through the combination of expertise, marketing and technology Properti convinces with know-how and local expertise, achieves the maximum reach as well as the best possible property presentation and at the same time ensures transparency and efficiency. By advertising your property on all real estate portals as well as targeted social media campaigns, we ensure that we can reach as many prospective buyers as possible. So you’ll enjoy 10x higher visibility thanks to Properti! In addition, first impressions count, which is why high-tech cameras and virtual 360° tours are used to put your property in the best light. An extensive tenant check ensures the placement of a reliable and solvent tenant.


What advantages do you have with Properti?

This service, which is unique in Switzerland, has a lot to offer: In addition to a high-quality presence on all relevant real estate portals and social media channels, landlords also benefit from the company’s own classified database, so that you can find a suitable tenant within a very short time. In order to find a suitable and long-term tenant, all prospective tenants are subjected to a detailed tenant check. No other real estate agent screens your prospects as thoroughly as Properti. But even then, there is no 100% guarantee that a tenant will move out or relocate after two to three years, for example due to a new partnership or a new job offer. That’s why Properti provides landlords with a free 5-year tenant guarantee.

We know that mediation alone will not do it. That’s why Properti also supports you afterwards in the preparation of the lease contract. So you don’t have to worry about renting in the future.


How does Properti’s tenant check work?

Properti’s tenant check consists of a financial check, a solvency check and a reference check. The debt collection register extract for the last five years and the pay slips for the last three months are checked. This will ensure that the rent is within a financially feasible range for interested parties. In addition, references are obtained from both the employer and the previous landlord. This allows the agent to get a picture of the potential tenant, which lays the foundation for a good rental relationship between landlord and tenant.


What is the 5-year tenant guarantee?

As a landlord, you benefit from a unique 5-year tenant guarantee on the tenant placed by Properti. We are the first and only company in the Swiss real estate market to offer such a service – because we stand for sustainability and transparency. But what does tenant guarantee mean anyway? If a tenant referred to you by Properti leaves within 5 years, we will find you a new tenant. The tenant guarantee only comes into effect if Properti is allowed to re-let the property. Because Properti is not only at your side during the rental, we are also your partner afterwards! Sustainable and efficient, thanks to our tenant guarantee!


How much do Properti’s services cost?

We want to change the real estate industry for good. Therefore, when renting with Properti, you have no connection fee, no monthly costs and you can also cancel at any time. All services are included for you. In case of successful mediation, we charge you only a commission of one net month’s rent, unlike other real estate agents who charge a gross monthly rent. Since you don’t have any income from the service charges, we think it’s only fair that we don’t earn anything from them either. And the best thing is: the cooperation is absolutely risk-free for you. However, Properti clients are still allowed to search for new tenants themselves and if you find one before we do or reject the tenant we propose, then you will not have to pay for our service. We assume the full risk!

Properti has the best conditions – cheaper, flexible and fair. For example, with Properti you pay a gross monthly rent of 2,500 CHF only 2,250 CHF (depending on additional costs), whereas with classic brokers you pay on average a total of 3,600 CHF. Calculate your price advantage now with our commission calculator and successfully broker your property with Properti. We believe that Properti’s services will give you the highest possible return on investment with the least amount of effort. Transparent. Flexible. Risk-free. Would you like to learn more? Then contact us now for a free consultation with one of our regional experts. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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