Rising adverstising prices on real estate portals. What alternatives are there?

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Selling or letting a property can be expensive without expertise, especially in times of rising costs. Advertising prices on the leading real estate portals continue to rise significantly. What alternative options in advertisement are there for owners who want to sell or rent out their house or apartment?

Rising advertising prices: A look at the progression

Real estate marketing has shifted to real estate portals. If you advertise your property privately on an online portal, it is advisable to calculate the costs in advance. Fees can vary greatly depending on the platform and have risen continuously in recent times. If you want to place a real estate ad, you have a choice of real estate portals. The most prominent are currently Homegate, Immoscout24, newhome.ch, immostreet.ch, comparis.ch, whereby the former is currently being criticized for sharp price increases and has activated the price watchdog. There are currently even calls for a boycott due to the market power of the two big players.

The cost of real estate advertisements on Homegate.ch and Immoscout24 rose significantly, particularly at the beginning of this year. Prices now average CHF 14/day for basic listings and over CHF 28/day for premium listings. According to real estate portals, premium listings have a 130% higher chance of reaching potential buyers or tenants. It can be a challenge for real estate providers to keep track of costs, as additional expenses such as ad creation and keyword optimization are often overlooked.

In any case, owners must expect higher costs for advertisements in the future. At the same time, the costs of marketing the property increase due to rising advertising costs. What other alternatives can owners consider?

Listings on free real estate portals

Due to rising costs, more and more property owners and landlords are turning to free advertising portals, including platforms such as flatfox.ch and iCasa.ch, as well as social media platforms such as Facebook and tutti. But despite the tempting offer, the results are often disappointing. Free portals often suffer from a lack of reach in this area, which means that potential prospects are not reached. In addition, advertisers are often flooded with spam and unsolicited messages after placement. Furthermore, there is a lack of the necessary functions and formats for a professional presentation of the property, which leads to an increased administrative burden and can deter potential interested parties. Inadequate information can also lead to frustration among searchers, who ultimately turn away or even express their anger publicly via comments, which in turn can have a negative impact on the personal level of the property owner.

Free online portals offer an alternative to save costs, but they often come with limited reach and fewer features, which can affect marketing opportunities.

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Marketing with insertion via real estate agent

In addition to the financial aspects, the time required for a private sale must also be taken into account. Owners need to plan time for creating advertisements and exposés, organizing viewings and communicating with potential buyers. This can lead to an additional burden, especially for working people or people with other commitments.

It is therefore worth considering whether selling through a real estate agent is the better alternative. At properti , we create a customized marketing strategy and high-quality sales documents for your property. We then publish your ad free of charge on all real estate portals as well as on social media. The costs for this are only due in the event of success.

In addition to the listing, property owners gain access to an extensive network of potential buyers and receive expert advice and support in marketing their property. Properti also offers automated processes to regularly update and renew advertisements, as well as a secure document transfer system. With other estate agents, it is sometimes customary to pay the listing costs separately or in advance. Inform yourself carefully and do not hesitate to ask questions to avoid surprises.

Conclusion – Making the right choice

In real estate sales, choosing the right portal is crucial and depends on various factors. Depending on the type of property and your target group, it may make sense to invest in a high-quality advertisement on a leading portal. For other properties, however, a regional ad could attract more potential buyers. If you choose to use an estate agent (such as Properti), they (we) will be happy to create and place your advertisements.

At Properti, sellers also benefit from digital tools such as: Digital Photo Process, 360° Virtual Tour and Virtual Staging.

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